You might be blissfully unaware of this, but there is a whole culture of Trump supporters who use their free time and rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop to create pro-Trump “memes” to be distributed on Twitter.

Like scientists trekking deep into the fever swamps to collect an exotic tropical virus, we scrolled through literally tens of thousands of pro-Trump tweets to pick out some of the most bizarre images. And then we wrote captions for them, because that is what we do. (Let me stress: Unless someone was doing a really good job of faking it—which is possible—these are all from pro-Trump Twitter handles.)

P.S. This will shock you, but we came across a lot of images that were horrible! We didn’t knowingly include anything here with racist or anti-Semitic symbolism, but it’s very possible there were some dog whistles pitched too high for us to hear—if you spot something we didn’t, please let us know.


Apparently this is what happens when you Google “Why don’t I have a nose?”


Santa is dead, and you’re getting The Art of the Deal for Christmas.


Apparently Donald Trump is “out to save the west” but doing a terrible job, because London has already been destroyed by an unusually devastating dust storm. Though to be fair, his only weapon is a hammer. And he is busy cradling a child with a giant head who looks exactly like his wife.


“You still have one wish left, Donald. But let me remind you, again, that I cannot make anyone fall in love.”


The president of the United States, or the president of cats? I’d be willing to let Trump be the president of cats.


You’ve got to admit: Trump supporters love sheriff’s stars.

Yeah, but he’s got foot problems. That’s why he had to regretfully decline when he was drafted to fight in Vietnam, even though he really wanted to go!


Then hopefully the first place he’s going is to download some new fonts.


They’re going to be disappointed when they see that button.


More quality control problems at the ol’ flag factory.


I love that one of his campaign promises is “Cities.” At least we know that Trump isn’t a member of the anti-city Khmer Rouge.

Well, he probably isn’t. Maybe he is. Actually, probably he is.


Dressing in red head-to-toe on election day does seem like a better way to determine the winner than counting the ballots. But isn’t it going to look a little matchy-matchy?




I would definitely go see this movie.




It’s hard for me to see how a giant deathcloud of volcanic ash is going to make America great again. Unless you think that vegetation and human life are what’s holding America back from greatness.


“If you are still on board” does not feel very optimistic. Also, when I see an ancient steam engine going through the desert, I don’t think to myself, “man I bet that train is JAM PACKED and this is going to be a FUN TRIP.”


Well, regardless of what happens I think we should consider building this.


I wish I’d known this back when I was failing Statistics 120.


So…he doesn’t seem to have moved any of his pieces. The next time I play chess, as an opening gambit I’m just going to shout “checkmate!” and see if my opponent concedes, hopefully in a shower of sparks.


At the risk of anthropomorphization, these dogs are obviously sad.


Yikes. Get out there and vote, folks.