Richard Nixon drinking

Sometimes you see a photo that just makes you say “Oh, Richard Nixon!” It’s almost an involuntary reaction—like some long-buried instinct that is only triggered by certain photos of Richard Nixon (and, occasionally, by photos that do not contain Richard Nixon).

Check out these 10 photos of Richard Nixon and let us know if they made you say “Oh, Richard Nixon!” or if you were able to view them in silence.

1. Oh, Richard Nixon! That’s not how you play Spin the Bottle.

Richard Nixon balances a bottle on his head

2. It’s a beach party, Richard Nixon-style!

Richard Nixon walking on beach

3. Uh oh, the cat is out of the bag! Richard Nixon has found out about horses.

Richard Nixon sees horses

4. Now Richard Nixon is indicating where he’s going to hit a baseball. Later, he will remember that he left his baseball at home, and settle for hurling a pair of jumper cables into the sky.

Richard Nixon pointing at the sky

5. Here is Dwight D. Eisenhower teaching Richard Nixon the correct way to hold a newborn baby.

Eisenhower + Nixon = BFF

6. You know it’s summer when you walk outside and find Richard Nixon camped out by your pool, reading your newspaper, and wearing your clothes!

Richard Nixon sunbathing

7. This is just an aside, but did you know that the average person consumes over 1 quart of mucus everyday?

Richard Nixon eating poi in Hawaii

8. Here is Bob Hope helping Richard Nixon become a flamenco dancer by posing him like a flamenco dancer.

Richard Nixon Bob Hope golf again

9. Drinking this elixir gave Richard Nixon the power to see the future. He decided to go ahead with the whole Watergate thing anyway!

Richard Nixon drinking

10. Finally, here’s how Bob Hope got gunned down by the secret service. RIP Bob Hope!

Richard Nixon Bob Hope golf