Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Donald Trump was the one of the most hard-charging, high-powered businessmen of the last 200 years. That’s why it’s so weird he was able to squeeze in time for so many movie and TV cameos. Did any of them foreshadow what kind of president he’s become? Let’s take a look!

Sex in the City

Sex in the City

Trump appeared on multiple episodes of Sex in the City as the friend of an elderly man trying to seduce the much-younger Samantha. It’s hard to picture Trump being involved in a scheme to help old men sleep with hot young women, but the magic of Hollywood makes it feel real.

The Associate

The Associate

Donald Trump and a companion fail to get a table at what looks like a pretty downscale restaurant. The companion tells the maitre d’, “I’m with Donald Trump!” but it doesn’t work, and Trump appears to blame this on his companion. So if you’ve been searching for an example of Trump blaming someone else for his own failure, you can watch The Associate.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Trump and then-wife Marla Maples show up looking to buy the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s house, but then they decide not to, for reasons too boring to explain. The best “part” on this episode is the part in Trump’s hair, which apparently used to be on the right!

Ghosts Can't Do It

Ghosts Can’t Do It

Surely you recall this 1989 hit, starring Bo Derek as a young woman whose elderly husband (Anthony Quinn!) commits suicide because he is too old to do it, and then he comes back as a ghost, and the two of them conspire to murder a younger man so Anthony Quinn can possess the younger man’s body so he and Bo Derek can do it. It’s a very loose retelling of Jane Eyre.

Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Donald Trump, the actual then-owner of New York’s Plaza Hotel, directs a lost and abandoned young boy to the hotel’s lobby, even though they are quite obviously already in the lobby.

Little Rascals

Little Rascals

Trump plays the oil-tycoon father of villainous rich kid Waldo, at one point calling him on his cell phone (in 1994!) and saying “You’re the best son money can buy.” This is a subtle reference to Trump’s actual son Don Jr., who was grown in a vat.

Pizza Hut commercial

Commercial for Pizza Hut

This is not technically a cameo—it’s a commercial, for popular pizza chain “Pizza Hut.” Ominously for us all, but especially for Egypt, it includes Trump saying, “Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Donald Trump—we’re all cut from the same cloth.”

Playboy video

Playboy Videos

We know how shocking and unbelievable this will sound, but you can look it up: current President of the United States Donald Trump has only appeared in two Playboy soft-core videos. Only two! I guess we all know what his deathbed regret will be.

McDonald's commercial

Commercial for McDonald’s

The future president asks Grimace for his secret.


WWE Monday Night Raw

And, finally, there’s this.