Departing for London

You never go anywhere without your giant yoga mat.

Being President of Syria is nice and all, but it just isn’t for you. You wave goodbye to your bewildered advisors and board the first ship back to London while your home country descends into a bloody interregnum. Whoops, you should have set up a provisional government before you left! Oh well.

You settle into your cabin, glad to finally put this whole President-of-Syria business behind you.

Everything is going smoothly until your second night aboard, when you are thrown overboard during an unnecessarily vigorous game of shuffleboard. Before you know it, you are swept away by the current!

After hours of drifting and increasingly panicked water-treading, you wash up on the deserted beach of a small island.

If there are people living on this island, maybe they could help you. On the other hand, there is probably a rescue party searching for you, and they won’t see you if you leave the beach.