This also happened! I just forgot to mention it.

You set off into the interior of the island, hacking away at the dense jungle with the machete you carry with you at all times.

You haven’t found any signs of life by the time the sun is setting, so you decide to make camp for the night. You unroll your sleeping bag (which you also always carry with you) and curl up inside.

It feels like your eyes have only been closed for a minute when you are awoken by the sound of someone crying out. You sit up and look around, but the sun is long gone and all you see is darkness.

You start to wonder if it was just a dream, but then you hear it again–and this time, you can make out words. “Help! Help me!” Something about the voice strikes you as familiar, but you can’t put your finger on what it is.

If you find this person, you might be able to help them. But because it’s so dark under the canopy of trees, you’re not sure you will be able to find anything. Also, your sleeping bag is really comfortable, and you don’t feel like getting up.