Thanks to your ophthalmology training, you are able to build a signal fire using nothing but your eyeglasses and the sun’s powerful rays and a large box of matches. You settle down on the beach and keep an eye out for rescue planes.

As the sun rises higher in the sky, you decide to seek shelter from the heat in a shallow cave near the edge of the beach. Ducking inside, you spot a small statue glinting at the rear of the cave. You pick it up to take a closer look and suddenly, the floor beneath you opens up! It’s a trapdoor!

You fall down the hidden shaft and land with a thud on something hard and cold. You look around and realize you are lying on a gigantic pile of gold coins! You check but, disappointingly, they’re not Hanukkah-style chocolate gold coins. But still, gold!

You spend a long time digging through the treasure—in addition to coins, there are golden scepters, bejeweled crowns, and exotic furs. As time passes, you start to feel light-headed, and suddenly it dawns on you—this chamber must be airtight! As you lose consciousness, one thought pops into your head: “This explains why there are so many skeletons in here.”


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