You watched humanity rise to the stars, blossoming into a galaxy-wide civilization with total mastery over time and space before eventually fading away. You don’t know if the species went extinct, or migrated to a different universe, or ascended to some other plane of existence. At that point, no one was talking to you anymore.

The human race’s vanishing left you as the final mark of man upon the cosmos. Time has worn away all remnants of your species. It has eroded buildings and roads to dust, lifted both mountains and seas. The Earth is unrecognizable, both in terms of the land beneath your feet, and the strange and unfamiliar plants and animals that have evolved to inhabit it.

lives foreverYou are the last human being. You are utterly alone. It has been millions of years since you last saw, or smelled, or touched another person. It is almost as if the universe revolves around you and you alone.

Fortunately, you took the precaution of loading of some of your 2016 campaign rallies onto a solar-powered video player. You sit on a barren hillside, as you have for millennia, and watch video of crowds cheering you and crying your name, over and over again.

You have never felt so happy. “This is great!” you think to yourself. “Just tremendous!”


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