If there’s one thing that everyone agrees is attractive, it’s young men. Unfortunately, young men are so obnoxious that no one can bear to spend time in their company. That’s why our best bet is to just look at pictures of them.

So here you go: in totally random order, pictures of all 44 presidents when they were young and hunky. (YES THERE HAVE ONLY BEEN 44 PRESIDENTS PLEASE JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.)

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Young George Washington

1. George Washington

We’re used to thinking of George Washington as the statesmanlike figure on an old, worn-out quarter. But it’s exciting to imagine him as a fresh, young quarter, still piping hot from the federal mint!

Young John Adams

2. John Adams

You are going to have to take my word for it that they get hotter as we go along. That is the natural arc of a republic.

Young Thomas Jefferson

3. Thomas Jefferson

Ooh, here we go. Look how sullen!

Young James Madison

4. James Madison

Young James Madison has everything that you want in a man.
• Does he weigh at least 100 pounds? Check!
• Does he own a plantation? Check!
• Does he pretend to have epilepsy? Check!

I don’t know where you came up with this checklist, by the way. I’m a little worried about you.

Young James Monroe

5. James Monroe

This is the only existing portrait of Young James Monroe. So. At least we’re not missing out on much.

Young John Quincy Adams

6. John Quincy Adams

Wow. Young John Quincy Adams, I had no idea you were so…
I was going to say “pointy.”

Young Andrew Jackson

7. Andrew Jackson

If your boyfriend has never challenged anyone to a duel to defend your honor, then your boyfriend is no Andrew Jackson. Be sure to point this out while you’re breaking up with him.

Young Martin Van Buren

8. Martin Van Buren

Young Martin Van Buren is giving you his “come hither” look! (Do not go hither.)

Young William Henry Harrison

9. William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison may not have been our most handsome president, but at least he had a gigantic neck.

Young John Tyler

10. John Tyler

While he was president, John Tyler was kicked out of his own political party. But who wants to be a “Whig” anyway? No one. That’s why they don’t exist anymore. That, and the Great Whig Hunt of ’59.

Young James K Polk

11.James K. Polk

If you must know, James K. Polk is the president I have a secret presidential crush on. Although it’s not that much of a secret to the employees of the James K. Polk House and Museum, which is where I live, crouched underneath Sarah Polk’s pianoforte and feeding on jars of Polk Honey purchased from the gift shop.

Fake Zachary Taylor

12. Zachary Taylor

I couldn’t find a picture of Zachary Taylor from before he was all old and grizzled, so let’s just look at this photo of Mark Ruffalo instead!

Young Millard Fillmore

13. Millard Fillmore

Not only do Millard Fillmore and Alec Baldwin look alike, they share a number of eerie similarities:
· Millard Fillmore’s secretary was named “Alec Baldwin.”
· Both of their last names have 7 letters. (More or less!)
· Together they co-founded the University of Buffalo.

Young Franklin Pierce

14. Franklin Pierce

If you think it’s a coincidence that Franklin Pierce and Franklin Pierce’s horse have the same hair style, then you don’t know Franklin Pierce.

Young James Buchanan

15. James Buchanan

Here, Mr. Buchanan, let me tie that bow tie for you.
—No thanks, I can do it myself!

Young Abraham Lincoln

16. Abraham Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln, would you like a moment to comb your hair before I take your picture?
—No thanks, I’ll just stick my head out this train window!

Young Andrew Johnson

17. Andrew Johnson

I couldn’t find a picture of Young Andrew Johnson, but here is an approximation of what he would have looked like if, instead of going into politics, he had landed a minor role in Love Story.

Young Ulysses S. Grant

18. Ulysses S. Grant

Well, that’s it for me—I am going to stay here and gaze into the eyes of Young Ulysses S. Grant. You guys go on ahead without me!

Young Rutherford B Hayes

19. Rutherford B. Hayes

It’s not easy telling your husband that you’re leaving him for a 163-year-old daguerreotype of Rutherford B. Hayes. So what you’re going to want to do is just leave him a note.

(SEE ALSO: The Young Rutherford B. Hayes-Scented Candle. Yes, this is a real thing.)

Young James Garfield

20. James Garfield

The consensus among historians and presidential scholars is that, of all the presidents, James Garfield had the most beautiful eyes.

They also agree that he had the poutiest lips.

Young Chester A Arthur

21. Chester A. Arthur

Now the time has come to discuss Chester A. Arthur’s hair. Personally, I can’t decide whether it is awful or awesome. I also can’t look at it for very long without getting a nosebleed.

Young Grover Cleveland

22. Grover Cleveland

One time Grover Cleveland had cancer surgery aboard a yacht. All just to prove how much he loved sailing!

Young Benjamin Harrison

23. Benjamin Harrison

Writing all of these captions is taking forever. If it’s OK with you, I’m going to skip Benjamin Harrison.

Young Grover Cleveland

24. Grover Cleveland

Also, I’m not writing two captions for Grover Cleveland. Nice try, Grover Cleveland!

Young William McKinley

25. William McKinley

When you woke up this morning, you probably never imagined that today you would fall in love with former president William McKinley. And yet, here you are!

Young Theodore Roosevelt

26. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was blind in one eye due to an injury he sustained while boxing. In the White House. While he was president. And he kept it a secret, because REAL MEN NEVER ADMIT TO INJURIES AND THEN CONSTANTLY WHINE ABOUT THEM ARE YOU READING THIS JD.

Young William Taft

27. William H. Taft

Just look at young William H. Taft when he was but a wisp of a man, and a custom-built, 900-gallon bathtub was only a glint in his eye!

Young Woodrow Wilson

28. Woodrow Wilson

Believe it or not, Woodrow Wilson didn’t learn to read until the age of 10. So if someone tells you that you’ll never be president because you didn’t learn to read until you were 10, they’re probably right, because it’s very unlikely that would happen twice.

Young Warren G. Harding

29. Warren G. Harding

The news media recently called my attention to the existence of a purse with Warren G. Harding’s face on it. So. Now you all know what to get me for my birthday.

(In case it was not clear, I want a purse with Warren G. Harding’s face on it.)

Calvin Coolidge

30. Calvin Coolidge

Everyone loves the anecdote about how a woman at a dinner party said to Calvin Coolidge, “I made a bet that I could get more than two words out of you,” and then Calvin Coolidge punched her.

Young Herbert Hoover

31. Herbert Hoover

Did you know that Herbert Hoover was the first president to have a telephone on his desk? All of the other presidents were keeping their telephones on the floor!

Young Franklin Delano Roosevelt

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Excuse me, haven’t I seen you somewhere before? Are you Ryan Gosling?
—Ha ha, no, I’m Franklin Delano Roosevelt! But believe me, I get that all the time.
Weren’t you in “The Ides of March”?
—No, that was Ryan Gosling.
What about “Crazy Stupid Love”?
—You’re still thinking of Ryan Gosling.
What about
—I’m going to have to stop you there and hit you with my cane.

Young Harry S Truman

33. Harry S. Truman

What do you think Harry S. Truman has hidden under that hat?

If you guessed “a series of increasingly smaller hats,” then you’re right!

Young Dwight D Eisenhower

34. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Remember the good old days, when Dwight D. Eisenhower had hair?

(Aha—that was a trick question! I am trying to find out which of you are ghosts. Get off of my web site, ghosts!)

Young John F Kennedy

35. John F. Kennedy

There is just something about a man in uniform. (The “something” is that he has a job!)

Young Lyndon B Johnson

36. Lyndon B. Johnson

Oh yeah, I totally want to read a 4,000-page biography of this guy. I’ll get right on that, Robert Caro.

Young Richard Nixon

37. Richard Nixon

Not a lot of people know this, but Richard Nixon was a relatively successful high school football player.

(By “relatively successful,” I mean that he wasn’t impeached from the football team.)

Young Gerald Ford

38. Gerald Ford

Just look at how dreamy Gerald Ford was, before his looks were ravaged by age and the stresses of boat ownership.

Young Jimmy Carter

39. Jimmy Carter

Guess which U.S. president used to collect bottles. No really, guess!

Young Ronald Reagan

40. Ronald Reagan

When he was working for the Screen Actors Guild, Ronald Reagan met his wife Nancy because her name showed up on a communist blacklist. As it turns out, this is a great way to meet men.

(SEE ALSO: The Ronald Reagan-Scented Candle. Etsy | Amazon)

Young George H.W. Bush

41. George H.W. Bush

Guess who went to Yale???????????????????????

(It was me!)

Young Bill Clinton

42. Bill Clinton

Ready? Say “cheese”!
Um, Mr. Clinton?
Do you think you could move back a little? You’re a bit too close to the camera.
Uh, no…now you’re leaning in even closer. That is the opposite of what I asked you to do.

Young George W Bush

43. George W. Bush

As if Young George W. Bush weren’t already handsome enough, here he is holding a pile of babies for some reason.

Just look at that face—how can you stay mad at him? You can’t. Let’s buy him a present!!!

Young Barack Obama

44. Barack Obama

Here is Barack Obama, relaxing after his 2012 State of the Union speech.

45. Donald Trump

Maybe the New York Times is failing. After all, in 1976 they said Trump “looks ever so much like Robert Redford.”

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