President of Poland
Andrzej Duda

Here is something we’ve learned from checking our email inbox every month or two: a lot of people have strong opinions about where we’ve ranked Polish president Andrzej Duda on our list of hottest world leaders.

We have received a few angry-ish comments regarding our ranking of President Duda, and now we are going to respond to them all at once, because that seemed like the most efficient way to deal with the whole Duda situation. It’s like killing 14 birds with one stone! And if there’s one thing we really want, it’s a bunch of dead birds.

Please note: These are all real comments and questions we’ve received, reprinted verbatim, but our intention is not to make fun of spelling/grammatical errors from people who might not be native English speakers (or anyone else). Every one of these people speaks much better English than we speak of any second language.

So is Andrzej Duda “the king of Space” going to be first or is he gonna nuke USA

Is this really an either-or thing? Nuking the USA sounds like exactly the kind of thing the King of Space would do. Like, literally the first thing he does after his coronation ceremony. Maybe nuking the USA is even part of his coronation ceremony.

Andrzej Duda should be at least in TOP 10! the hottest so far

Well…just for the sake of argument, if he’s the hottest so far, he should be #1, right? But we appreciate that you didn’t want to get too greedy.

Hello. I dare to disagree with position of President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, on this list: . Please, take a look at mr. Duda’s photos, and give him a justified place on the list. Thank you.

I appreciate the devil-may-care abandon with which you’ve dared to disagree. But, sorry: we refuse to look at any photos of world leaders when we rank this list. Our rankings are based solely on cash payments.

Hottestheadsofstate is joke, isnt it? Andrzej Duda must be higher !

To answer your question: Yes, this website is a joke. Is that not coming across? Because we’re a little worried that it’s not coming across.

Andrzej Duda should be on this position – he is the only one president who look like Frank Underwood and James Bond

Kevin Spacey would be an interesting choice to play James Bond. For that matter, he’d be a great spy in real life. Who would ever suspect that the guy who blew up the railroad bridge or stole the secret missile plans was famous Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey?

President Andrzej Duda is much hotter, than Barrack Obama and rest of those pseudo presidents, he should be at least sixth

Correct use of then/than, by (probably) a non-native English speaker! Even native speakers often get this wrong. It’s like the second coming of Josef Conrad!

President Andrzej Duda is beloved president in Poland and is considered the cutest President in the history of Europe. Because of that I demand to put Him higher in the ranking on your website Thank You for your cooperation.

Setting aside for the moment that “thank you for your cooperation” feels like a veiled threat, the “cutest president in the history of Europe” was Croatian president Stjepan Mesić and it’s not even close.

Andrzej Duda is honestly the only person who should be on this list. Not only is he the hottest head of state, he’s also the most intelligent, the most dignified and, simply, the greatest one out there. Put him in the #1 spot!!!!

You have a point that it would be pretty funny if our list consisted only of Andrzej Duda. It would also be an easier list to maintain! We are going to give this one serious consideration.

Yup, Andrzej Duda is number one. I bet whoever created this list just accidently put 19. instead 1. I’m sure you will fix this soon.

This happens to us ALL THE TIME. We intend to put someone in the #1 spot, but then accidentally put them at like 19 or 35 or 72. It’s kind of a problem.

Andrzej Duda should be on the top! Even Alexander Lukashenko is higher, its ridiculous.

If you think you are going to persuade us by smearing the good name of Alexander Lukashenko, then you must be new around here.

Andrzej Duda is a glorious god in human flesh. He is the best in all things.

Looks like someone just wrote a new campaign slogan for Andrzej Duda!

Andrzej Duda made me gay / twice!

If he could only make you gay twice, we’re not moving him up.

Andrzej Duda will be first even if he’ll have to kill averyone above him. You should better do something about it or you’ll die.

Hmm. I hate to raise the dark specter of our shared inevitable mortality, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to die either way.

How can be Andrju Dudu so low? There never was and never be hotter head of state than him. Give this handsome man first place!

You would be amazed at how often visitors from the future comment on our website, and tell us things like “there will never be a hotter head head of state.” I know I should be happy to learn that I’m alive at the exact moment when head-of-state hotness reaches its all-time apex, but I can’t help but feel a little melancholy. If it’s all downhill from here, then what’s the point of going on?