2016 GOP presidential debate

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Last night, ten Republican presidential candidates took the stage at the glamorous Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, to talk about something. Today everyone is dying know: Who was the best dressed? Who was the worst dressed? And which candidate forgot to wear shoes?Find out all this and more in our ranking of the GOP candidates from worst- to best-dressed.

Chris Christie


WORST DRESSED: Chris Christie

Sorry, Chris Christie! If you thought you could make up for that necktie by wearing an American flag pin shaped like New Jersey, then I cannot emphasize enough how wrong you were.

But don’t worry—you can always redeem your fashion cred at the next debate as you watch it from home!

Scott Walker


9. Scott Walker

A spokesman for Walker explained that the candidate would be serving as a groomsman in a wedding immediately after the debate, and he wasn’t going to have time to change.

Donald Trump


8. Donald Trump

Sources say that Trump’s “suit” was actually a velcro-fastened mock suit of the kind typically worn by strippers or businessmen in a hurry. He was waiting for the right moment to tear it off, wowing Megyn Kelly and getting her to SHUT UP ALREADY about all of the hilarious comments he’s made about women.

Ted Cruz


7. Ted Cruz

I had low expectations for Ted Cruz, but it was a smart move for him to replace his ill-fitting suits with this convincing body paint.

Mike Huckabee


6. Mike Huckabee

Huckabee surprised and delighted viewers by wearing a traditional suit and tie, as opposed to the Grumman moon suit he usually wears to all public appearances.

Rand Paul


5. Rand Paul

Rand Paul is the candidate who forgot to wear shoes. Put on some shoes, Rand Paul!

Marco Rubio


4. Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio stunned the audience with this sleek, sophisticated, and completely backless suit.

Unfortunately the young candidate did not foresee that due to the layout of the stage, viewers watching at home would not catch a glimpse of his toned and muscular back.

John Kasich


3. John Kasich

I like how John Kasich’s suit manages to show off broad shoulders while still leaving something to the imagination. (I’m imagining a tattoo of a cat!)

Jeb Bush


2. Jeb Bush

Even his critics have to admit, Jeb Bush puts the “sexy” and the “glasses” in “sexyglasses.” (Yes, that’s a real word! Go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait here.)

Ben Carson



Carson stole the show last night in a pinstripe suit and red necktie dotted with tiny brains, which he wore in case people couldn’t tell which candidate was a neurosurgeon.


In a humiliating gaffe, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul showed up to the debate wearing the exact same outfit! I felt so embarrassed for them that I had to turn off the debate and watch a rerun of Dateline NBC instead. Now, you be the judge: