I have exciting news for everyone who isn’t Stephen Harper: Canada just elected a dishy new prime minister. His name is Justin Trudeau, and here is a photo of him doing something:

Justin Trudeau


Now is your chance to weigh in on a matter of historic importance. It’s the kind of thing you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren about one day, if you want to punish them by telling a really boring story.

I need to update our list of Canadian Prime Ministers Ranked in Order of Hotness, and I would like to solicit your input as to where Justin Trudeau should fall on this list.

Before voting, you’ll need to actually click on this link and view the list of Canadian Prime Ministers Ranked in Order of Hotness. Then come back here and cast your vote in the poll below.

NOTE: Please put your political biases aside before voting. Just put them outside somewhere. Or, I don’t know, in a hat.

UPDATE: OK OK, Canada—I get the point! I’ve moved Justin Trudeau to the top of the list of Canadian Prime Ministers in Order of Hotness, where he will remain for all eternity, or until thirty-five years from now when you inevitably elect his son into office.